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MAcc graduate Evan Gallagher

Recruit @ Katz

We are flexible and happy to arrange recruiting dates and events that meet your needs, as well as those of our students. Below are the offerings that have proven to be most successful for our recruiting partners.

Corporate Presentations

Before interviewing on-campus, build your brand, create awareness, and generate excitement through a corporate presentation to students. Recruiters are able to network with top candidates, while also providing the first-hand perspective and hiring insights students crave.

We encourage you to share details about your organization's career paths, culture, strategic direction, and industry challenges. The presentations are also a wonderful opportunity to explain your recruiting process, including what to expect during interviews, the qualities and experiences sought in candidates, and what it takes to succeed in your organization.

This forum is the most popular format for an initial introduction between employers and Katz students. Please request a date by contacting Career Management at 412-648-1666 or

Corporate Presentation Options:

Lunch Presentation (Monday - Friday): These events are held from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. and typically include a company-sponsored lunch and beverages.

Evening Presentation (Monday - Thursday): These events are held from 5 p.m. - 6 p.m. and typically include a company-sponsored meal and beverages.

On-campus Interviews

Meet with Katz students in our on-site interview suites, our team assists in the development of an interview schedule tailored to your needs, and handles all logistics for that day. The Katz Career Management team will post the position for which you will be interviewing on our web-based platform, Career Connection, and only those students who meet your requirements are eligible to apply. Please request an interview date by contacting Career Management at 412-648-1666 or

Recruiting Events

  • Coffee & Conversation - Is an opportunity for students to network with employers in a casual setting, similar to “open office hours”. We will reserve a number of tables in our on-site Bottom Line Bistro and advertise your company’s presence on campus for the event. This event can be invitation only or open to the entire Katz Master’s Level population, students are able to filter in throughout the time you have chosen to learn more about your company's culture and how they may fit in, talk about your experiences as a member of your company and discuss the day to day duties of your open opportunities.
  • Executive Breakfasts & Dinners - This format gives students the opportunity to have face time with an Executive of your company in an intimate but informal setting and learn from the Executives expertise and experiences. Contact the Career Management Center for recommendations around the city or for options on-campus.
  • Custom Events – Connect with students by hosting a workshop on a best-practice of your organization. Hold a mock-interview session to provide students insight and feedback into their interview process. Sponsor a student club site visit or speaker. Let us know what you have in mind and we will make it happen!

Post a Job @ Katz

Advertise your company's opportunities to the Katz community through Career Connection. We can post immediate hire, post-graduate positions, summer internships, and part-time jobs. We give you the option of receiving applications one at a time as students apply, bundling résumés to meet your deadline, or directing students to utilize the recruiting tools your company already has in place. Visit Career Connection to post your open positions or send them to to have them posted on your behalf.

Resume Books

Resume books may be requested at no cost. Please contact Career Management at 412-648-1666 or